Multifunctional Tourniquet Ukrospas

Multifunctional Tourniquet "Ukrospas" reusable is designed to stop bleeding in case of wounds or injuries. The Ukrospas tourniquet is also capable of performing tasks that no tourniquet in the world can perform. The hemostatic tourniquet is made of high-quality tape; an internal movable sling is sewn along the entire tourniquet, which allows you to distribute a uniform load on the clamped tissues of the limbs and allows you to use the tourniquet on a naked part of the body. The tourniquet, in comparison with other hemostatic tourniquets, has significantly less pain when applied.

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The collar of the hemostatic tourniquet Ukrospas is made of aluminum alloy, light and durable, on which there is a corrugation, which helps to securely hold the mechanism in the hand when clamped. All seams are stitched with strong, high-quality thread. The total length of the bundle is 1340 - 1350 mm, width 50 mm, which makes it a universal product. It can be applied to warm clothes in winter, and a tourniquet can also be applied to any part of the victim's body - limbs, neck, chest, pelvis, arteries in the groin area. The tourniquet is easily applied with one hand. The buckle is closed with a valve to protect soft tissues. The design of the buckle allows you to fix the tourniquet when applied to the neck or chest, even without the use of Velcro. The latch of the tightening mechanism is made of steel, the seams of the latch and buckles are soldered. The unique stiffening rib does not allow significant deformation of the base of the bundle when clamped. Also, the tourniquet has an additional auto-fixation of the collar, if during the clamp the hand jumps off the collar, or the wounded person loses consciousness, the gate will not unwind. The Ukrospas harness has a beacon for recording the application time, and a pocket for instructions or any other additional information.

The tourniquet is capable of working as eight in one.


  1. An effective remedy for completely stopping bleeding from the limbs (it is possible to stop bleeding even with a completely severed limb under the joint, where it is not possible to apply a conventional tourniquet).
  2. Fixation of the pelvic ring in fractures of the pelvic bones.
  3. Clamping of the arteries in the groin area.
  4. Clamping of the arteries in the neck (applied through the arm).
  5. Rigid bandage or bandage support.
  6. One or two turnstiles are capable of performing the functions of an evacuation loop.
  7. Three serve instead of a stretcher (if the injury allows evacuation on a soft stretcher).
  8. Tire fixation.

Characteristics of the Tourniquet Ukrospas

  • Unfolded length: 1350 ±10 mm
  • Weight: 160 g
  • Gate material: aluminum alloy
  • Brand: Ukrospas
  • Turnstile width: 50 mm.
  • Folded (pharmacy) size: 170x50x50 mm
  • Usage: Reusable
  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Warranty: 1 year

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