Multifunctional Tourniquet Ukrospas, Pelvic Splint

Tourniquet Ukrospas is a multifunctional, reliable and trouble-free product reusable, capable of performing eight functions.

A hemostatic tourniquet is a modern hemostatic tourniquet that replaced the old tourniquets, which can be easily applied with one hand and stop critical arterial bleeding. A modern hemostatic tourniquet causes much less injury to soft tissues than the well-known Esmarch tourniquet, developed in the 19th century by the German surgeon Esmarch. Also, due to the change in structural materials, the tourniquet does not dry out and does not crack, its shelf life is much longer. The Ukrospas hemostatic tourniquet (tourniquet to stop bleeding) is a multifunctional, reusable product that has no analogues in the world in terms of function and strength.

The Pelvic Splint for the Ukrospas tourniquet, if necessary, is conveniently and quickly put on the tourniquet and reliably fixes the pelvis in case of fractures of the pelvic bones and upper limbs. Also, a splint for fixing the pelvis can be used for rib fractures.

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