Payment Methods

Dear customer, here you can pay for our products in two ways:

1. Payment by bank transfer (bank transfer)

If you have chosen this type of payment, then after the order, the manager will contact you and generate an invoice for payment. It can be paid using online banking or at a branch of any bank.

2. Payment by card on the site

Card payment is a convenient type of payment provided by the payment system, the widget of which we place on our website. You don't have to worry, our site is protected by the https protocol, which means that the card data you entered cannot be read. Therefore, neither we nor the attackers will be able to see your card numbers, codes or passwords. After payment, the manager will contact you and the order will be sent to you. Before making this type of payment, we advise you to contact our manager, who will advise you on the products you have chosen and the timing of the order. Please note that this type of payment does not apply to all products.

Attention! Sending and issuing goods is made only to the payer.

If you are paying from a legal entity, you need to issue a power of attorney to process the documents.

If you pay as a private person and want the products you paid for to be sent to another person, please indicate his last name and first name as the payer in the purpose of payment (Example: For goods according to invoice AM-0000001 dated 01.01.23 including VAT 20% payer Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich.)

Thank you for ordering and choosing our company!