About us

The Amalthea company was founded in 2007, since that time we have carefully studied the market and all fire equipment available on this market, which is why we offer the best fire equipment in terms of price and quality.

The main directions of our company are fire equipment, life-saving equipment, tactical equipment. In our company you can buy fire equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire cabinets, shields, stands, fire fighting equipment, fire hydrants, motor pumps, generators, suction hoses, safety signs, fire doors, rubber sleeves, turnstile (harness) for stop bleeding, stretchers, drags and other fire equipment, as well as get professional, free advice on fire fighting equipment and other fire safety issues you are interested in. Our company employs qualified fire safety specialists who will always help you choose the right fire equipment, tell you what you can save on when buying, and what you absolutely cannot do it on. By contacting our specialists, you will receive qualified assistance in the selection, acquisition, placement, maintenance and proper use of fire equipment, primary fire extinguishing equipment, fire safety systems and rescue equipment. In order to buy a fire hose, buy a fire extinguisher, buy a fire cabinet or other fire equipment, you just need to call our office. By investing part of the company's funds in fire equipment, you will reliably protect not only your property, but also people's lives from fire. Very often, a lot of money is spent on protecting property from opening, theft, but due attention is not paid to fire equipment and fire safety. The absence of fire equipment and life-saving equipment at the right time significantly increases the damage from a fire, leads to tragedies and deaths.

Today, the Amalthea company is engaged in the development and manufacture of first aid, life-saving systems, evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield, victims of man-made or natural disasters, hemostatic turnstiles, the development of evacuation plans, as well as the production and sale of fire equipment. We offer a full range of high quality and affordable rescue and firefighting equipment.

We value our reputation and our customers, therefore we offer only high-quality equipment of our own and foreign production.