The history of our company

LLC "TD" Amalthea "was established in 2007 and named after the character of the ancient Greek nymph, after the character of ancient Greek mythology - the goat who nursed the milk of the baby Zeus (in the Roman pantheon - Jupiter), who was hiding from the wrath of his father Kronos (in the Roman pantheon - Saturn). Phraseologism "horn of plenty" goes back precisely to the horn of the goat Amalthea, who nursed the baby Zeus, the God of heaven, thunder and lightning, who knows the whole world. The attributes of Zeus were a shield and a double ax (labrys), sometimes an eagle, Olympus (Zeus the Olympian) was considered the seat. In addition, he distributes good and evil on earth.

Amalthea (English Amalthea, Greek Αμάλθεια) is a satellite of Jupiter, the largest in the Jupiter system after the Galilean satellites. Amalthea was discovered by Edward Barnard in 1892. Amalthea is a satellite of Jupiter, the closest to the planet, the average distance from the planet is 181 thousand km, the period of revolution is 0.498 days, the radius is 80 km, it is located in the plane of the planet's equator. It was the last satellite discovered by direct observation rather than photography, and the first satellite of Jupiter (the largest planet in the solar system, more than twice as massive as all the other planets combined and nearly 318 times as massive as Earth) discovered after the discovery of the Galilean satellites in 1610. The name "Amalthea" was approved by the International Astronomical Union in 1975, but was informally used earlier at the suggestion of C. Flammarion. Until 1975, the satellite was also known as the fifth satellite of Jupiter.

A small Amalthea posed a number of mysteries to scientists, some of which have not been solved so far. Amalthea is the reddest object in the solar system (even redder than Mars). The red color of the satellite may be due to the presence of sulfur emitted by Io's volcanoes. The origin of bright green spots on the large slopes of Amalthea has not yet been clarified.