Powder, carbon dioxide, aerosol fire extinguishers for home and apartment

Fire extinguishers for home and apartment are powder, carbon dioxide, aerosol fire extinguishers, usually small in size, which will help you in time to extinguish a fire that may arise due to an electrical short circuit, or due to careless handling of fire.

Most often, portable fire extinguishers with a fire extinguishing agent charge weight of up to 5 kg are used for homes and apartments, but there are exceptions. Fire extinguishers should be selected depending on the class of possible fire and the fire load located in the protected room.

If there are many electrical appliances in the apartment and a fire is most likely caused by a short circuit, it is necessary to choose a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher with a mass of fire extinguishing agent 1.4 or 2 kg.

If it is necessary to protect the boiler room where a wood or gas boiler is used, then it is better to choose a powder fire extinguisher with a mass of fire extinguishing agent 5 kg 6 or even 9 kg .

If you want to protect a kitchen area where there is a possibility of ignition of vegetable, animal fats or oils, then we would advise using the VVPA-400K fire extinguisher, as it is most effective for extinguishing class F fires.

Article: VK-1.4
738.00 грн
Article: VK-2
870.00 грн
Article: VP-2
300.00 грн
Article: VP-3
411.00 грн
Article: VP-5
540.00 грн
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