Frost-resistant Aerosol Fire Extinguisher VPA-400 M

The frost-resistant aerosol fire extinguisher VPA-400 M, designed specifically for use in cars, copes well with extinguishing class fires: A (combustion of solid substances), B1 (combustion of liquid substances insoluble in water), as well as for extinguishing an additional class of fires E - fires electrical equipment energized up to 1000 V, in the initial stage of their occurrence from a distance of at least 1 m. Also, this fire extinguisher will easily extinguish the fire of a computer, paper, wood, fabric and plastic. A protective layer is created on the surface treated with a fire-extinguishing aerosol, which prevents air from reaching the combustion products. The extinguishing agent has an increased endothermic effect. The VPA-400 M fire extinguisher is easy to operate. In order to use the fire extinguishing device, it is only necessary to remove the cap and press the dosing element. The dispenser allows you to spend the extinguishing agent as much as necessary to extinguish the fire. The aerosol fire extinguisher is safe for people and the environment. It does not harm the object on which the fire extinguishing aerosol falls.
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The VPA-400 M fire extinguisher differs from VPA-400 in that the fire extinguishing agent in it is frost-resistant. This fire extinguisher is recommended for use in transport, in rooms with personal electronic computers, in the residential sector, in unheated warehouses and garages, car repair shops, in kiosks and trade stalls. The fire extinguishing device has been widely used among the personnel of high fire hazard facilities, when it is always necessary to have a fire extinguishing agent with you. The aerosol fire extinguisher VPA-400 M is certified in Ukraine and is safe to use.

Technical characteristics of the fire extinguisher: Aerosol  fire extinguisher 0,45 liter

  • Fire extinguisher brand: Aerosol fire extinguisher VPA-400 frost-resistant 0,45 liter
  • Body consistency: 0,65 liter
  • Weight of inflammable speech: 0,45 liter
  • Recharging: No
  • Service term for the fire extinguisher balloon: 5 years
  • Working temperature range: vіd -30 to +50 °С
  • Weight of fire extinguisher, no more: 0.55 kg
  • Overall dimensions of the fire extinguisher: H-238 D-66 mm
  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Warranty: 12 months

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