Aerosol fire extinguishers for cars, apartments, kitchens, offices, computers

Aerosol fire extinguishers VPA-400 for cars, office equipment, apartments and kitchens. Fire extinguishers are capable of extinguishing fires of classes A, B1, F and E

Aerosol fire extinguishers are devices containing pyrocool fire extinguishing aerosol in their cylinder, which quickly extinguishes a fire at an early stage of its occurrence. Aerosol fire extinguishers are capable of extinguishing fires of classes: A - burning of solid substances, B1 - burning of liquid substances insoluble in water, F - extinguishing vegetable, animal fats and oils, E - burning of electrical installations energized up to 1000 V from a distance of at least 1 meter . A protective layer is created on the surface treated with an aerosol, which stops the access of air to combustion products. In addition, the substance pyrocool has an increased endothermic effect.