Aerosol Fire Extinguisher VPA-400 general purpose

Aerosol fire extinguisher VPA-400, designed to extinguish fires of classes: A (combustion of solid substances), B1 (combustion of liquid substances insoluble in water), as well as to extinguish an additional class of fires E - fires of electrical equipment energized up to 1000 V, in the initial stage of their occurrence from a distance of at least 1 m. This fire extinguishing device can easily cope with the fire of a computer, car, paper, textiles, wood, plastic. A protective layer is created on the surface treated with an aerosol, which prevents the access of the oxidizer to the combustion product, thereby eliminating the possibility of re-ignition of the combustion product. The extinguishing agent has an increased endothermic effect.

The fire extinguishing device is easy to operate even for children. In order to use it, you just need to remove the cap, direct it to the fire and press the metering valve. The dosing device allows you to spend the fire extinguishing agent exactly as much as is necessary to extinguish the fire. It is ecologically safe for people and the environment, does not harm the object on which the aerosol gets.
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The VPA-400 fire extinguisher is recommended for use in rooms with personal electronic computers, in civil buildings and structures, apartments in residential buildings, dormitory premises, buildings of individual development, in administrative and household buildings, premises and structures of industrial enterprises, laboratory premises, auto repair shops, kiosks, stalls, etc. Also, the fire extinguishing device is widely used among the personnel of nuclear power plants and high-risk facilities, where it is necessary that a small fire extinguisher is always nearby. At such facilities, personnel wear fire extinguishing devices on a belt in a special case developed by our company.
The fire extinguishing device aerosol VPA-400 is certified in Ukraine.

Technical characteristics of the VPA-400 Aerosol fire extinguisher

Technical characteristics of the fire extinguisher: Aerosol  fire extinguisher 0,4 liter

  • Fire extinguisher brand: Aerosol fire extinguisher VPA-400 0,4 liter
  • Body consistency: 0,65 liter
  • Weight of inflammable speech: 0,4 liter
  • Recharging: No
  • Service term for the fire extinguisher balloon: 5 years
  • Working temperature range: vіd 0 to +50 °С
  • Weight of fire extinguisher, no more: 0.5 kg
  • Overall dimensions of the fire extinguisher: H-238 D-66 mm
  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Warranty: 12 months

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