Fire evacuation plans, development and production

Escape plans are necessary to ensure the safe evacuation of people and property in the event of a fire or other emergency. Evacuation plans are floor-by-floor, local, sectional and consolidated.

Today it is impossible to imagine any object without evacuation plans, whether it is a shopping and entertainment complex, a shop, a cinema, a cafe, a production or storage facility. Evacuation plans are necessary so that the maintenance personnel and other people who are at the facility in the event of a fire or any other emergency situation know where to go, where the emergency exits are located, the main and additional evacuation routes, and, if necessary, can quickly and leave the dangerous area without panic.

According to the Fire Safety Rules in Ukraine, all buildings with a simultaneous stay of 50 or more people (except for residential buildings) and all premises in which 10 or more people are at the same time at the workplace must be provided with fire evacuation plans. The development of evacuation plans from company Amalthea takes place in accordance with the current regulations and DSTU ISO 23601:2019 Safety Identification. Escape and evacuation plan signs (ISO 23601:2009, IDT).

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Article: EP-A2
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