Reflective Bands Ukrospas

Ukrospas Reflective Bands are reliable high quality reflectors for children, pedestrians, cyclists, joggers that will ensure your safety on the road.

Ukrospas Reflective Bands are used to ensure that the driver of the vehicle could see in advance a pedestrian who is on the road or on the side of the road at night and in conditions of insufficient visibility. Without Reflective Bands, the driver is able to see a pedestrian only 10 - 20 meters from the vehicle, but with Reflective Bands hundreds meters.

Article: RBSV-50-black
Article: RBSV-50-black 2 pcs
Article: RBSV-50-Light green
Article: RBSV-50-Light green 2 pcs
Article: RBSV-50-olive
Article: RBSV-50-olive 2 pcs
Article: RBSV-50-grey
Article: RBSV-50-grey 2 pcs
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