Reflective Bands Ukrospas SV-50 universal reflector Black

Reflective Bands universal Ukrospas SV-50 black are the most popular, as they fit any clothes and they are the least easily soiled. They are ordered for both children and adults, they have a universal adjustment in a wide range, up to 50 cm of circle length. Reflectors are needed so that the driver of a car or other vehicle moving with the headlights on can see in advance a road user moving along the side of the road or crossing it. Reflective bands produced under the Ukrospas trademark are quite well-known and reliable products for their quality. Reflective bands are suitable for both adults and children. They can be worn on any part of the body of the limb, and not just on the wrist or ankle, like most flickers from other manufacturers. Wearing reflective bands on your wrist is not very practical, because if you are walking on the side of the road and keep your hands in front of you, then the driver of the vehicle moving behind you will no longer be able to see you. Reflective bands Ukrospas SV-50 is made of soft, high-quality tape and has high light reflectivity, low weight, folds compactly, and, if necessary, quickly and conveniently puts on. Thanks to the tensioning mechanism, the universal retroreflector is comfortable to wear, it does not press or fall off.

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With the participation of pedestrians, a large number of accidents happen precisely because the driver does not see the pedestrian at all, or sees at the last moment, 10-20 meters away, when it is already quite difficult to avoid the tragedy, so the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, by changing the traffic rules, obliged pedestrians in the dark time of day and in conditions of poor visibility, wear reflectors in the form of reflective bands, stickers, vests, or wear clothes on which reflectors are already placed.

Take care of your own safety and the safety of the driver, do not neglect the rules of the road! To order reflective bands, write or call us, you will be advised and you can buy the reflective bands you need.

Characteristics of the Reflective Bands Ukrospas SV-50:

  • Overall length: 570-580mm
  • Size Adjustment: Yes
  • Circumference adjustment length: 70 to 500 mm.
  • Width: 50mm
  • Light reflectance: 360-400 cd/lx*m2
  • Folded dimensions: L-50 B-50 H-20mm
  • Weight: 13g
  • Brand: Ukrospas
  • Country of manufacture: Ukraine
  • Color: Olive
  • Amount in a package: 2 pcs.
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  • From 50 уп. or more = 183.00 грн

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