Reflective Band Ukrospas SV-50 universal reflector

Reflective Bands is necessary so that the driver of the vehicle can see in advance a pedestrian moving on the road or on the side of the road. The Reflective Bands is adjustable in circumference, so it can be worn on both the arm and leg, the reflector is one size fits both adults and children. Reflective Bands Ukrospas SV-50 is lightweight, folds easily and compactly, has a high degree of light reflection, when dressed, the retroreflector is clearly visible to the driver from any side of the vehicle. Thanks to the tensioning mechanism, the flicker is comfortable to wear, made of quality materials, easy and quick to put on.

A large number of pedestrians enter the roadway without Reflective Bands or other reflectors, and unfortunately, almost all of them are convinced that the driver sees them as well as they see him. However, this is not at all the case. Most accidents involving pedestrians occur precisely because the driver does not see them at all.

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At a speed of 50 km/h, at which it is customary to drive within a built-up area, a vehicle covers a distance of 10 meters in less than one second, and at a minimum speed of 90 km/h, at which drivers drive outside built-up areas, a distance of 25 meters covered in 1 second. Provided that the driver sees a pedestrian without Reflective Bands even at 20 meters, he will not be able to stop the vehicle. That is why the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine obliged pedestrians to wear reflectors in the form of reflective bands, stickers, vests or wear clothes with reflectors already placed on them at night and in conditions of poor visibility. Failure to comply with these rules is a gross violation of traffic rules, which can lead to dire consequences, accidents, as well as liability for traffic violations.

Characteristics of the Reflective Bands Ukrospas SV-50

  • Overall length: 570-580mm
  • Size Adjustment: Yes
  • Circumference adjustment length: 70 to 500 mm.
  • Width: 50mm
  • Light reflectance: 360-400 cd/lx*m2
  • Folded dimensions: L-50 B-50 H-20mm
  • Weight: 13g
  • Brand: Ukrospas
  • Country of manufacture: Ukraine
  • Color: Black
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