CO2 Fire Extinguisher 56 kg, 2 balloon capacity 40 l

CO2 Fire Extinguisher 56 kg, consists of two cylinders of 40 liters each, the mass of the fire extinguishing agent is 56 kg. The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher belongs to the mobile fire extinguishers and is quite heavy, the total mass of the fire extinguisher is 220 kg. Such fire extinguishers are located on the territory of enterprises, metro depots, in tram and trolleybus depots, at power plants, oil refineries, etc. Its purpose is to extinguish class B1 fires, which include the combustion of liquid substances insoluble in water. The fire extinguisher well extinguishes the ignition of electrical installations under voltage up to 1000 V. The carbon dioxide fire extinguisher requires protection from direct sunlight.
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Technical characteristics of the fire extinguisher: CO2 fire extinguisher 56 kg

  • Fire extinguisher brand: CO2 fire extinguisher 56 kg
  • Body consistency: (2 х 40) ±8 liter
  • Weight of inflammable speech: 56 ±2,8 kg
  • Working vice in the body of the fire extinguisher at a temperature of 20°C: 15 MPa
  • Recharging: Yes
  • Service term for the fire extinguisher balloon: 10 years
  • Working temperature range: vіd -20 to +50 °С
  • Weight of fire extinguisher, no more: 220 kg
  • Overall dimensions of the fire extinguisher: L-1710 B-660 H-690 mm
  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Warranty: 12 months

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