Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers

Portable and mobile carbon dioxide fire extinguishers for extinguishing class B1 and E fires

CO2 fire extinguishers are devices that contain carbon dioxide in their body, capable of extinguishing a fire. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are suitable for extinguishing class B1 fires - burning liquid substances insoluble in water and class E - burning electrical installations under voltage up to 1000 V. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are most popular when extinguishing electrical equipment, because they perfectly cope with such fires and do not harm the object to which carbon dioxide enters. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are portable and mobile. Unfortunately, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers also have certain disadvantages: firstly, they do not extinguish fires of class A and C, as powder fire extinguishers do, secondly, the fire extinguisher bottle has a check valve, at temperatures above +50 ° C it works and all carbon dioxide comes out . Therefore, we recommend that you protect fire extinguishers with fire extinguisher covers, monitor the mass of fire extinguishers and place fire extinguishers in accordance with their operating rules.

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