Powder fire extinguisher 100 kg

Powder fire extinguisher 100 kg with a mass of extinguishing agent 100 kg - marking VP-100, it is designed to extinguish fires and fires of class: A (combustion of solid substances), B1 (combustion of liquid substances insoluble in water), and C (combustion of gases ), also powder fire extinguishers are suitable for extinguishing fires of an additional class of fires E (electrical equipment under voltage up to 1000 V), at the initial stage of a fire. The powder fire extinguisher 100 kg is most popular among gas stations, oil depots, in warehouses and facilities, as well as at manufacturing enterprises.
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Technical characteristics of the fire extinguisher Dry powder fire extinguisher 100 kg

  • Fire extinguisher brand: Powder fire extinguisher 100 kg
  • Body consistency: 120±5 liter
  • Weight of inflammable speech: 50±2 kg
  • Working vice in the body of the fire extinguisher at a temperature of 20°C: 1.5±0.15 MPa
  • Recharging: Yes
  • Service term for the fire extinguisher balloon: 10 years
  • Working temperature range: vіd -20 to +50 °С
  • Weight of fire extinguisher, no more: 145 kg
  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Warranty: 12 months

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