Powder Fire Extinguisher Cover for 100 kg SRT

The cover for Powder Fere Extinguisher is designed to protect the fire extinguisher from direct sunlight and precipitation, which are very detrimental to the fire extinguisher. For the most part, covers for fire extinguishers of the CPT type are bought mainly for production and storage facilities, where direct sunlight does not fall on fire extinguishers, because. fabric type SPT has no protection against ultraviolet rays and in open space will serve much less than a cover for a fire extinguisher made of fabric type TNT.

According to the rules for the operation of fire extinguishers, it is not allowed to place fire extinguishers in places where they are exposed to direct sunlight. Given the high price of a mobile fire extinguisher, are you willing to spend the money on a new one every few years? The cover allows you to significantly extend the life of your fire extinguisher and keep it in working condition.

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The cover for Powder Fere Extinguisher the fire extinguisher is made of waterproof fabric, it has a handle and is put on and removed very quickly when it is necessary to use a fire extinguisher. Ventilation openings hidden from water ingress are provided for ventilation. A cover for a fire extinguisher produced by Amalthea is reliability, European quality and a nice design.

  • Suitable for fire extinguishers: Powder 100 kg
  • UV Protective Coating: No
  • Fabric Type: SRT
  • Fabric density: 420 g/m2
  • Fabric properties: waterproof fabric
  • Number of hidden ventilation holes: 4 pcs.
  • Manufacturer: Amalthea
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