Tarpaulin curtain 3x2.6 m water-repellent fabric density 550 g/m2 with eyelets, step 300 mm

Tarpaulin curtain 3x2.6 m in the garage is the most optimal, as it is suitable for gates 2.2 - 2.4 meters high. The curtain for the gate is designed to warm the room in winter. It prevents cold air from entering the room and prevents hot air from escaping. The curtain in the garage is made of dense tarpaulin. The seams at the joints are strong, double and stitched with non-rotting reinforced threads. Eyelets are strong and reliable, chrome-plated. Curtain tarpaulin is made to order according to your size, the production time is agreed in advance.

You can buy a tarpaulin curtain or order production on our website, or by calling our office.

Pre-Order 2-5 working days
Tarpaulin curtain from water-repellent tarpaulin:

  • Tarpaulin type: water-repellent
  • Size: W 3000 x H 2600 mm
  • Density: 550 g/m2
  • Weight: 4.7 kg
  • Eyelets: height
  • Step between eyelets: 200 mm
  • Grommet Eyelets Diameter: 12mm
  • Number of eyelets: 15 pcs
  • Country of manufacture: Ukraine
  • Brand: Amalthea
  • Warranty: 1 year
3,405.00 грн

  • From 10 шт. or more = 3,321.00 грн

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