Tarp Awnings, welder safety screens, Tarp curtains

Tarpaulin awnings, veils, welder's protective screens, welder's curtains, tarpaulin curtains for garages, stations, workshops, production and storage facilities, canopies for cars.

Tarpaulins awnings are made of dense water-repellent or fire-resistant tarpaulins, depending on the needs, eyelets are installed around the perimeter, at the ends or on the sides, at the request of the customer. Tarpaulin curtains in the garage, as a rule, are made of dense water-repellent tarpaulin, they protect the premises of garages, warehouses from atmospheric precipitation and cold air getting inside when the gates are open. Welder's curtains and welder's protective screens are made from dense fire-resistant tarpaulins and are used in welding and other hot work. Canopies on the car are used to cover the transported goods.

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