Fire extinguishers for cars

Fire extinguishers for cars 1 kg  2 kg aerosol VPA-400 M frost-resistant

Car fire extinguishers are small fire extinguishers that are able to put out a fire in a car at the initial stage of a fire. Fire extinguishers for cars are powder and aerosol. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are also permitted. According to the rules of the road, a fire extinguisher for a passenger car must be with a mass of fire extinguishing agent of at least two kilograms, but not every car has a place for an 2 kg fire extinguisher in the cabin, so we advise you to have two fire extinguishers, one of them 2 kg, which You can fix it with the help of a fire extinguisher mount in a car in the trunk, and place the second one - aerosol VPA-400 M in the car.

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