Folding Stretcher Medical Ukrospas

Medical Stretcher Ukrospas are Folding Stretchers for evacuating the wounded and transporting victims during accidents, catastrophes, and natural disasters.

A Frameless Medical Stretcher is a device consisting of durable textile fabric and soft handles for carrying. Such stretchers are designed for emergency evacuation of wounded people who cannot move independently. Frameless evacuation stretchers are widely used by rescue units during natural disasters and accidents of a man-made or natural nature. Soft stretchers have gained great popularity due to their compact mobility and low weight. Evacuation tactical stretchers are indispensable when evacuating victims through stairwells and in confined spaces. Soft medical stretchers are also used to transport patients, but it should be remembered that there are injuries for which soft tactical stretchers cannot be used.

Frameless medical stretcher is made of heavy-duty Cordura 1000 D nylon fabric, density 350 g/m2, with a washable and disinfectable polyurethane coating. Tactical stretcher, reinforced on both sides with strong tape and stitched with strong, reinforced threads. Evacuation stretcher have a convenient packaging system with a handle, which is convenient to use for securing the stretcher to an unloading bag or backpack, as well as an additional suspension for mounting in a car. Depending on the configuration, tactical stretchers can be equipped with fixing straps and a Velcro pillow.