Heat-insulating Evacuation Stretcher Ukrospas KD-4T Cordura Nylon

Evacuation heat-insulating stretchers are designed for transporting the wounded with hypothermia or the risk of its occurrence (a decrease in body temperature below 35 C). Evacuation stretchers with insulating lining are widely used by search and rescue services and military units, as they are able to maintain maximum body temperature inside the stretcher.

Evacuation stretchers are made from durable, waterproof Cordura nylon fabric with a polyurethane coating. The loading part is made of Cordura 1000 D fabric with a density of 350 g/m2, the upper part is made of 500 D with a density of 260 g/m2. The stretcher is equipped with six handles with softening pads for comfortable carrying of the victim, fixing straps with quick-fastening locks and adjustable on both sides, compression straps and a hood. When transporting a wounded person, all parts of the body are isolated as much as possible from the external environment. The KD-4T stretcher has a retractable leg pocket, which allows you to carry a person even taller than two meters. The design of the stretcher makes it possible to conveniently evacuate a person through stairwells. Evacuation stretchers are well washed and disinfected, stitched with high-strength and reliable polyester silk threads. The evacuation stretcher is reinforced from the top and bottom along the perimeter with high-quality belt tape. The hood has a heat-insulating and removable absorbent lining. They fasten quickly using high-quality and strong Velcro. In order to ensure maximum fit to the body, the stretchers are equipped with compression straps with a quick adjustment system.

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Characteristics: Heat-insulating Evacuation Stretcher Ukrospas KD-4T

  • Size: 2000 ± 50 x 750 ± 20 mm
  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Material: combined Cordura 1000 D / 500 D
  • Brand: Ukrospas
  • Handle width: 40 mm
  • The width of the fixing belt: 40 mm
  • Compression straps width: 25mm
  • Number of compression straps: 4 pcs
  • Fabric density: 350 / 260 g/m2
  • Manufacturer country: Ukraine
  • Warranty: 1 year
9,000.00 грн

  • From 10 шт. or more = 8,775.00 грн

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