Ukrospas tactical pouches

Tactical pouches for tourniquets, tactical first aid kits, pouches for cartridges, grenades, phones, organizers and other tactical pouches.

Tactical pouches are small items for placement on the Molle system or tactical belt of a variety of military equipment, ammunition, grenades, hemostatic tourniquets, walkie-talkies, evacuation slings. Tactical pouches from the Ukrospas trademark are time-tested quality and reliability. All pouches are made from high quality and durable materials, and the design features of military pouches are thought out to the smallest detail so that they are comfortable to use.

Article: PTQ-U1
465.00 грн
Article: PTQ-1
420.00 грн
Article: PT-1
465.00 грн
Article: PT-1-Black
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