Powder Fire Extinguisher Cover for 3 kg TNT fabric density 450 g/m2

The Powder Fire Extinguisher Cover for 3 kg is designed to protect the fire extinguisher from direct sunlight, which is prohibited when operating fire extinguishers, to protect it from precipitation and dirt. Thanks to the Powder Fire Extinguisher Cover for 3 kg, your fire extinguisher will remain in working condition and will last the entire service life intended by the manufacturer. The design of the cover for the OP-3 fire extinguisher suggests using it as a floor stand for the fire extinguisher, or mounting it together with the mount inside on a wall or in a car.

When installing a fire extinguisher on a vertical structure, it is necessary to completely open the cover to the fire extinguisher, insert the fasteners for the fire extinguisher inside and secure it together with the cover, then fix the fire extinguisher and completely close the cover. This design of the case allows you to quickly prepare the fire extinguisher for use and will provide an original design in a shopping center, cafe, bar, office or transport.

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The Powder Fire Extinguisher Cover for 3 kg produced by Amalthea is of reliable quality and durability, because it is made of high-quality, durable, dense waterproof fabric with UV protection. This cover does not fade in the sun, does not get wet and has a minimum service life of 4 - 5 years.
You can order a cover for a fire extinguisher by calling our employees at the office or placing an order on the website. Also on the website you can immediately make a payment using a secure payment system and even make a purchase in installments.

  • Type fire extinguishers: Powder-3 kg
  • UV protective coating: Yes
  • Fabric Type: TNT
  • Fabric density: 450 g/m2
  • Fabric Features: UV-coated waterproof fabric
  • Number of ventilation holes: 3 pcs.
  • Manufacturer: Amalthea
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