Powder Fire Extinguisher Cover for 5 kg 6 kg 9 kg and CO2-5 kg SRT

The cover for the fire extinguisher is designed to place the fire extinguisher in it, protect it from direct sunlight and precipitation, which have a very detrimental effect on the fire extinguisher. The cover for the fire extinguisher allows you to significantly extend the life of your fire extinguisher, keep it in working condition, and improve the design in the office. The cover can be used as a floor stand or, together with the mount, place the fire extinguisher on a vertical structure. Also, with the help of a cover and a mount installed inside the cover, you can securely fix the fire extinguisher on the transport and protect the fire extinguisher from sunlight and precipitation.

For the most part, covers for SRT type fire extinguishers are bought mainly for office, industrial, warehouse premises and placement inside vehicles, where direct sunlight does not fall on fire extinguishers, since SRT type fabric does not have UV protection and will be to serve much less than a cover for a fire extinguisher made of fabric type TNT.

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The universal cover for the fire extinguisher is made of waterproof fabric. Depending on the brand of the fire extinguisher, the cover is adjustable in height using a textile fastener, and if you need to use a fire extinguisher, it opens conveniently and quickly. There are three ventilation openings for ventilation. Also, the cover can be equipped with a universal mount for placing a fire extinguisher on a vertical structure. Amalthea's fire extinguisher cover means reliability, European quality and attractive design.

  • Suitable for fire extinguishers: Powder-9 kg and CO2-5 kg
  • UV protective coating: No
  • Fabric Type: SRT
  • Fabric density: 420 g/m2
  • Fabric Features: waterproof fabric
  • Number of ventilation holes: 2 pcs.
  • Manufacturer: Amalthea
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