Cover for Fire Extinguisher CO2-18 kg TNT with sun protection

The cover for the fire extinguisher CO2-18 kg serves to protect the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher from sunlight, through which the fire extinguisher overheats, which is unacceptable during operation, as well as to protect the fire extinguisher from precipitation and dirt. A cover for fire extinguishers made of fabric reliably protects the fire extinguisher from the effects of these factors. It has protection from sunlight, which prevents the cover from fading and deteriorating in the sun, which significantly extends the service life of the cover. The cover is made of waterproof fabric. To allow condensation and hot air to escape, the manufacturer provides ventilation holes located in such a way that precipitation does not get inside the cover. The cover for the fire extinguisher is also equipped with protection against being blown off by the wind.

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Technical characteristics: Case for fire extinguisher CO2-18 kg TNT density 450 g/m2

  • Suitable for fire extinguishers: CO2-18 kg
  • UV protective coating: Yes
  • Fabric Type: TNT
  • Fabric density: 450 g/m2
  • Fabric Features: UV-coated waterproof fabric
  • Number of hidden ventilation holes: 4 pcs.
  • Manufacturer: Amalthea
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  • From 30 шт. or more = 795.00 грн

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